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2 responses to “Tru-Oil as a Guitar Finish”

  1. Taylored Custom Guitars - UK

    This is an interesting site and recommendations in the use of Tru-oil seem to correlate with mine. I have yet to explore its potential as I agree with what you (?) said about its aesthetic qualities, albeit it doesn’t offer the protection of harder curing lacquers such as nitro, waterborne and, oh, those hideous polys.

    I am exploring the idea of spraying this product as it would render very fine coat levels. Using a gravity gun with an 1.2 setup, this might prove to be workable. If the oil is used in a dedicated gun it might be feasible to leave the oil in the cup until the project is complete, say, for instance, shooting many fine layers to the point enough is enough. There would be little chance of curing in the gun as no oxy would ingress through the cup’s lid or via the nozzle as the needle seats perfectly, thus ensuring no air intake. Thinning the finish to the right viscosity might be a bit of test-and-see and since this is essentially a linsead and varithane type of product, mineral spirit (in the UK we refer to it as white spirit) would seem the ideal agent, although someone mentioned acetone as an option which I would regard as being potentially a health hazard! It flashed off quickly for sure but not for me. It might not be compatible with Tru-oil’s constituents.

    have you considered this method of application,or tried it?