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21 responses to “Thousands of Guitar Bodies and Necks for Sale …Cheap!”

  1. Tony

    How do I get a few?

    1. Guitarify

      The last word of the article, and both of the photos will link to the sale site if you click on them.

  2. Ed Kociela

    I have an old Harmony with a bad neck. Anything in stock to replace it? Looks like a Tele neck would work but not sure.

    1. Guitarify

      Hey Ed, what kind of Harmony do you have? To be compatible, the width of the heel and the scale length need to match. Both of these measurements are listed for the necks on the GFS site, with most having a 25.5″ scale and a 56 or 57mm heel.

      1. Ed Kociela

        Hey, sorry I have been away from my machine for so long. The Harmony is the cheap entry model. Looks sort of like the Les Paul Junior double cutaway, 25.5 scale. Have not measured the heel. I realize it isn’t some whizbang piece of collector gold, but for some reason, this cheapo wreck kind of talked to me, if you know what i mean. It just needs some TLC and deserves to be played for some reason. I know, should just rebuild something ‘cool’ with a ton of electronics and wild stuff, but, you know? A KIT if good music was recorded on very ‘cheap’ instruments. People learned how to use them and coax what they wanted from them. Anyway, just curious. Merry Christmas, guys. Probably won’t hear from you until after the holiday, so have a good one.

        1. Guitarify

          I love old guitars. I have a Harmony BobKat that sounds killer.

          1. Ed Kociela

            this has an interesting sound…i just need some kind of neck to make it playable…and you are right, old guitars rule…

  3. Codey

    How about a dean razor back neck and body?

    1. Guitarify

      Haven’t seen anything like that yet. You have to keep checking the site, as they post new stuff all the time. I’ve bought 2 necks and a body and was pretty pleased with the quality.

  4. Jon Way

    Do you have any lefties from that warehouse?

    1. Guitarify

      You just have to keep checking the site everyday. New stuff is constantly being added. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen left handed stuff.

  5. Richard

    greetins.seeking neckmultitac godin guitar.and my question is you have or can build . what the price

  6. Arthur Carroll

    would there be any hope to find a mosrite style neck among all these necks

    1. Guitarify

      Seems unlikely. Though you might be able to find something close that you could modify.
      Also, looking at the previous comments, it seems some readers think that I am selling these. I’m not. I’m just passing on the info I found about a really good deal. These parts are being sold by GFS. So as far as what will be available, I don’t have any info beyond what I wrote in the article. Though I did contact GFS and asked if they would have bass bodies and necks and they said they would.
      I’ve already bought 2 necks and a body, and can confirm that these are a great deal for the money. At least the parts I received were of decent quality.

  7. Tim Herrell

    I need a neck for a 76 Ovation Deacon 1252-2

  8. Jason

    Do you have ibanez necks. I’ve already clicked the “HERE” word
    and got to the site but i can’t find ibanez style necks

    1. Guitarify

      The Inventory changes every day or two, so you have to keep checking.
      Also, I am not selling these, they are being sold by

      1. Jason

        Ok, thanks

      2. Jason

        Ok, thanks. I’ll keep checking.

  9. Kendra

    Do you have anything that would be compatible with an ibanez 321mhe ?

  10. Ray morton

    Hi after a 5 string bass neck preferably left handed and paddle head style NOT P OR J STYLE, having a bass built in Alaska

    Regards ray in UK